Redefining a DIY Category

As a leading paint applicator company for DIYers, Shur-line was looking to displace a top competitor in a major retail store.  As usual, Imagine assembled an expert team to make that happen, which ultimately redefined the category.

Understanding that there are dozens of paint applicators with the variety of shapes, sizes, materials, lengths, and bristle types available, we knew it was crucial to educate the consumer and also to make Shur-Line stand out. This was achieved by successfully creating messaging and color coded packaging graphics that had perfect synergy with the house brand’s premium paint line.  It created a full-proof way for the shopper to choose the correct applicator for the paint and the project.

The new look and messaging presented to the retailer was very well received.  Not only did we get the green light to implement this new strategy at the store level, but the entire hardware industry also embraced the idea.

  • Categories: Packaging Design
  • Client: Shur-Line