What Was a Complete Mess is Now a Shopper Success

Imagine was tasked with improving the shopper experience for 20 feet of space in the convenience hardware category in a big box environment. There was no direction for the shopper on where to begin. A redesign of the packaging as well as a huge improvement of the shelf presentation was needed.  

Surprisingly, we found that the shopper for this category of hardware was primarily female indicating new graphics and merchandising had to be directed toward women in order to be successful.

Once the new packaging structure was established, we added lots of bold color, and simplified the graphics to help shopper’s read.  We also created new categories and clearly outlined them with a color-coded system, which made it easy to locate the types of items that shoppers needed. The in-store revamp received rave reviews from multiple big box retailers.

  • Categories: Packaging Design
  • Client: Bulldog Hardware