Packaging Structure

It’s not just the graphics that differentiate you from the competition and attract consumers to pick up your product. At Imagine, we know that a big part of the shopping experience includes how that product is contained on the shelf, whether it’s in front of the consumer or in the back warehouse. Should it be in a box, a clamshell, or have a see-through window? Should it hang on a hook? Does it need to fit in the hand with curved edges, or have rounded tops and sides?

Not only do we take a close look at the shopper experience, but we also consider other elements that go into packaging structure design from the manufacturing point of view:

  • Meeting material industry standards
  • Properly protecting products through environmental and distribution scenarios
  • Establishing the most economical size and material utilization
  • Recyclability
  • Manufacturing capabilities and costs
  • Pallet and container sizing
  • Ease of loading product


Our team provides the expertise to help you with any structural design need. Last but not least, we incorporate graphic designs to fit the structure that clearly communicate to the customer. It’s important that the packaging be appealing and practical to help establish the brand identity, and the right structure can certainly create a powerful brand.