Packaging Design

An effective package design can be critical for a brand. We believe that every package design needs to accomplish these objectives:

  • Structural integrity
  • Highlight product features
  • Cost efficiency
  • Support the brand


Imagine's expertise and proven track record in packaging design gives our clients key competitive advantages. We provide conceptualization, renderings, and mock-ups as part of the design process.

We have extensive experience working with overseas vendors, and we understand that can present unique challenges, and the need for greater support. We help our clients in all packaging media (from clamshells to cardboard to plastic containers) design and produce the package that best fits all of your needs.

The design must support the overall branding of the product and educate the consumer. We assign each side with its own task that will reflect the hierarchy of information, taking into account the way that shoppers see, touch, and interact with the package.

As part of our expertise, we can also work with you to develop the packaging structure. This entails all of the elements of the package design that are not associated with graphic design of the package, such as packaging materials, shape/form, function, and performance.