Our Thinking


At Imagine, we apply strategic thinking to every project. As a boutique agency, we create, define and build brands and connect those brands with customers by immersing ourselves into the world of the consumer. We do the research that generates results for our clients by considering everything there is to know:

  • Personality of the company
  • Needs of the customer
  • Product positioning
  • Distribution channel
  • Competition



It all starts here. Using our experience and market research, we develop marketing strategies that are geared to be successful. The tactics - or action plans - are then created to fit the strategy. These principles guide everything we do.

  • Target Audience - Who is the customer?
  • Frame of Reference - What are the customer's concerns?
  • Point of Difference - Why are we better than the competition?
  • Proof Statement - Why should the customer believe us?


We take the time to view the shopping experience through the eyes of your customer across all channels, which means we learn how to communicate to them in a relatable way. Ultimately, we become experts at telling your customers what they need to know before making a purchasing decision. Using the omni-channel marketing philosophy, we consider every step of the buying process. It’s more important than ever for brands to pay attention to consumers before, during, and after the shopping experience, no matter where they are or what device they are using.



A well-designed plan requires great execution. Success is all in the details. From small to large projects, Imagine cares about the details, and we manage every aspect to ensure:

  • Expectations are met
  • On-time delivery
  • Budgets are met


Not all projects fit neatly into a scope of work for some agencies. As a boutique agency, our commitment and support to our clients extends to a broad range of projects that others might just farm out, or even decline to do. We understand you might not have the time to shop around for every project, or juggle between multiple vendors and manage complex, interwoven tasks. We're here to handle it for you, from developing the strategy to setting the tone – Whether you need us to handle one element or the entire plan.Our end result will not only be great looking, but it will also meet your objectives. Whether your project involves solving in-store challenges, or creating business-to-business communication strategies, we apply the same process to all projects. Imagine will tackle it all – the large and small – from packaging to displays, from updating a logo to rebranding an entire line, or a company.