Welcome to IMAGINE -an integrated marketing and design agency. We specialize in marketing strategy, branding and positioning, consistent messaging, and targeted creative.

We do more than just create pretty pictures. At Imagine, we apply strategic thinking to every design. We create, define and build brands and connect those brands with customers.

Need a simple package designed? It's not that simple. Consider the personality of the company. The needs of the customer. The positioning of the product. The distribution channel. The competition. And in the end, it will not only look great but also fit your goals. And we apply this same thinking to all projects - large and small - from packaging to displays, from updating a logo to re-branding an entire line.

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2013.04.23 - Sustainability and Good Marketing CAN Co-Exist

Since yesterday was Earth Day, let's touch on the impact of sustainability in product packaging. Good packaging design can be an effective marketing tool, yet not do harm to our environment. You may have to think outside the box (yes, that pun was intentional) to achieve these seemingly conflicting goals.

Here's a story of how one design student has worked to achieve those goals.

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